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Basic Package

Store, organise
& analyse your video

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Event Analysis

Your match, broken down

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Automatic Camera

Get the perfect tactical view

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Optical Tracking

Deeper contextual analysis

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Optical Tracking

Accurate positional and physical data captured without wearable devices.

Benefit from deeper contextual analysis for players and teams, both in and out of possession. Avoid having to integrate multiple data sources and video with Bepro's all-in-one platform.

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Basic Package Includes...

Optical Tracking

Complete Data Set

Tracking data for every player, on both teams

  • No moment is missed due to faulty equipment
  • Actual data, not estimated

Physical Metrics without Wearables

Measure player effort and workload

  • Metrics include distance, speed, sprints and run intensity
  • Avoid relying on unreliable, obstructive wearable tracking devices

Democratised Tracking Data

Usable tracking data, whatever your experience

  • Physical metrics linked to video evidence
  • Instantly highlight and track players within the video player

Downloadable Data

For use outside of Bepro

  • Export physical data as a CSV
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Everything Included in Basic Package


Store and organise your team's video

  • 500GB library
  • Cross-device
  • Unlimited accounts


Powerful and intuitive video tool built for football

  • Create unlimited clips
  • Add drawings and annotations on top of video
  • PC or Mac
  • Works on or offline


Communicate and share feedback

  • Share and comment on video
  • Cross-device
  • Safe and secure

Integration with Editor

Find the exact moment you want with ease

  • Powerful clip search and load function
  • Add drawings and annotations to provide tactical feedback
  • Save and share with a click

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