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Bepro Dev Team: Creating an Interactive 3D Video Player like a Video Game

May 30, 2022

Is the Bepro match video player logic the same as for video games like Counter Strike or Call of Duty?
Bepro Video Process: Creating an Interactive 3D Video Player

Firstly, you're best trying it for yourself! (But there's no gun...)

Move your view by dragging your cursor and zoom in and out by scrolling

The Bepro camera system captures a match using multiple lenses to cover the entire pitch. The video from each lens is then stitched together to create a single panoramic video. However this does not look natural, instead appearing like it has been recorded using a fisheye lens!
At this point our 3D engine helps us transform this ‘distorted’ footage.

Bepro Video Stitching Process

The 2D videos that we usually watch are ‘flat’, so we cannot get a sense of the wider space, regardless of the size of our screen, since the view is fixed. For anyone who has played first person perspective games (like Call of Duty) you can get a sense of perspective as you move your view around the virtual world.

Our 3D player is very similar! We create a sphere-shaped space and put the user inside it, allowing them to adjust their view as they wish. The video captured from multiple lenses is spread on the inside of the virtual sphere, all this is done by our 3D video player!

Virtual sphere space - video is spread over the green area
(viewed from below)

However there are some differences between the Bepro Video Player and a video game:

  • Your view in a game changes as your character moves, however the viewing position within the 3D space in our video player is fixed (the camera does not move).
  • Our video player does not include footage outside of the match (we do not need to worry about video game opponents sneaking behind us…)

This means that the camera should be in the best position available (height and distance from pitch). There are then many processes that need to be run to create the final video for users.


After all the processes are complete, the interactive match videos are then delivered to users!

The video above explains the process and logic explained above. If you want to understand how the process works and try it for yourself, read the article written by our developer team (here).

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