The Smartest
Portable Camera.

Automatic Recording
Tactical View
4.5 Hours of Use
Live Streaming
Safe Shutdown System
Live Coding
IP56 Waterproof
Live Tracking
Automatic Cooling System

We exist

to help you grow
through technology.

Bepro Before Cerberus

Fixed Camera

To capture match and training videos at your stadium or factility.


On-site to run our software


Our greatest strength. We deliver the best quality video right after the game, video editing and communication tools, and analysed data to provide insights.

We know

Teams need what we have and want it
anywhere, anytime.

At the first iPhone announcement,

Steve Jobs Stated.


People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

So we did.

For any team, anywhere, anytime

The Smartest
Portable Camera.

Any team.

All of Bepro.

Set up & Go.
Cerberus Captures Everything

Wide Angle Camera
Cerberus has two 21mm lenses.
Enjoy a 6k panoramic video and never miss a moment, wherever it happens.
Just set up, start recording with Bepro App, and  leave. no camera operator needed.
21mm Lens
Lenses Made in Germany
180° Coverage
6K Panoramic Video

Get the Perfect Tactical View.

AI-Powered Tactical Feed
Cerberus provides you with the ideal coaching view, in realtime.
You can also change your view to focus on any area of the pitch through our interactive video player.

The Power to Make Everything Possible.

With a powerful supercomputer inside Cerberus, you can enjoy all of Bepro from anywhere.
Realtime Image Processing
Replay on the Way Home
Colour Correction
Adaptive Video Quality

Charge Once & Flim 4.5 Hours LIVE.

14A Battery Capacity
Livestream for over 4.5 hours.
Need longer? 
Just replace with another battery or connect to mains power.
Replacable Battery
Safe Shutdown System

Feel Like You’re at the Pitch.

Ambient Sound
Sound matters.
Focus better on the game with sound.
Uni-Directional Mic
Noise Canceling

Rain or Snow?
Day or Night?
No Worries.

IP56 Waterproof & Light Sensor
Don't worry about the conditions.
Cerberus has an IP56 Waterproof Certificate and works well at night.
IP56 Waterproof
Night & Day

Upload & Livestream,
Without Cables.

Wireless Network
Upload through our app from anywhere whilst recording.
Connect to Wifi or use a SIM card.
SIM Card
Wifi & 4G LTE

Video from Cerberus

6K Stitched Panoramic Video

But many people forget...

Having the video is not the end, but the start of the workflow

Video is useless

unless you edit & share the right moments, with the right team members.

Do all this seamlessly in Bepro.

Basic Workflow


Watch Videos on Any Device in Bepro Space.

3D Player : Multi Device & OS Support
Enjoy our AI-generated tactical view in the Bepro interactive 3D video player on any device.
3D Video Player
Multi Device & OS Support
Tactical View
Live Streaming
Basic Package
Bepro Space & Editor are included in Basic Package

Edit & Draw LIVE in Bepro Editor.

Powerful Editor Tool
Create custom clips and share visual feedback added over the video.
Do all this live!
Create Custom Clips
Drawing Tool
Live Coding
Basic Package
Bepro Space & Editor are included in Basic Package

Share & Communicate in Bepro Space & Editor.

Presentation & Messenger
Prepare a presentation using the clips you’ve created with Bepro Editor and share it at half time.
Send the videos to team members and communicate without downloading and uploading.
Perfect Presentations
Basic Package
Bepro Space & Editor are included in Basic Package

No Time to Edit? We Cut & Organise Every Moment for You.

Event Analysis Package
Save significant time with Event Analysis.
Filter clips by player, event type, time, position, etc. and watch on any device.
Load these clips in Editor and continue analysing yourself.
Data for Every On-Ball Event
Interactive Data Visualisations
Customisable Reports
Event Analysis Pakcage

Want Player Movement Data? We’re Here to Help.

Tracking Analysis Package
Get the x,y positions for all players in a game.
Analyse physical data for players and use tracking graphics in the Editor.
It’s extremely easy!
Raw Tracking Data
Interactive Tracking Graphics
Physical Data
Optical Tracking Package

Packages for your workflow

Find the right option to help you grow!



Basic Package

Edit & Draw
Bepro Editor
Bepro Space

Event Analysis Pkg.


Event Analysis

Optical Tracking Pkg.


Tracking Analysis

Product Details

24.5 x 16.5 x 10cm
Nano Computer
SD Card
Samsung 128GB SSD
Streaming / Coding
6K Panoramic
Frame Rate
Video Processing
Tactical View
4.5 Hours